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Council Tax Wrentham

COUNCIL TAX WRENTHAM for financial year 2019- 2020

East Suffolk Council collects the taxes (precepts) for itself and for all of the other authorities.  This guide shows how your Council tax bill is divided up.  For more details you should refer to your Council Tax Bill.

There are over 400 Parishes in Suffolk that set their own separate precept that residents have to pay.  The table below illustrates the amount that residents of Wrentham pay.

For the current year 2019/20, there was no change to Wrentham Parish Precept.

Band Suffolk County


East Suffolk Wrentham Parish Total per Year
 A  £861.42  £141.84  £110.88  £27.16  £1141.30
 B  £1004.99  £165.48  £129.36  £32.39 £1332.22
 C  £1148.56  £189.12  £147.84  £36.21  £1521.73
 D  £1292.13  £212.76  £166.32  £40.74  £1711.95
 E  £1579.27  £260.04  £203.28  £49.79  £2092.38
 F  £1866.41 £307.32   £240.24  £58.85  £2472.82
 G  £2153.55  £354.6  £277.20  £67.90  £2853.25
 H  £2584.26  £425.52  £332.64  £81.48  £3423.9


Find out your Council Tax Band:  mycounciltax

The level of precept is generally a reflection of the level of activity.  Town Councils tend to own more property and do more things which require more money to be raised from the residents. Here are some examples of what Band D properties in some other nearby places are paying for Town/Parish Precept:

Highest Precept:  If you move to a Band D home in Leiston, your Town precept will be £166.83 for the year.

Nearby Parish Precepts:  Band D in Wangford £26.19, Westleton 40.14, Southwold £114.01

Lowest Parish Precept Barnby charges £6.47, and there are several Parishes that for various reasons have no charge at all eg Benacre, Covehithe, Redisham.