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Councillor Vacancies - February 2019

  • We currently have three Councillor vacancies. Please contact the Parish Clerk for details
  • The new East Suffolk Council was created on 1st April 2019. Elections for the new council will be on 2nd May 2019

There will therefore be an opportunity to represent Wrentham by becoming one of the first ever East Suffolk Councillors.




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Parish Councillors Elected

9 April 2019

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Election of Parish Councillors for Wrentham on Thursday 2nd May 2019.

Notice of uncontested election:

The returning Officer at the above election reports that the persons whose names appear below were duly elected Parish Councillors for Wrentham.

Name Home Address Description (if any)
Buxton Mark East Suffolk District  
Cross Kevin 28 Bonsey Garden NR347LU Independent
D'Alcorn Fran 5 The Chestnuts NR34 7EZ  
Evans Alison Lesley 25 The Larches NR34 7JR  
Fletcher David James Wrentham Hs, 86 Southwold Rd, NR34 7JF  
Hutson Lucinda East Suffolk District  
Oram Trevor William 81 Church Rd, Kessingland NR337JS  
Perry Keith John 13 Priory Road, NR347LR  
Reeves David William East Suffolk District  
Watson Ian Michael East Suffolk District  

Dated: Thursday 4th April 2019. Returning Officer Stephen Baker.

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Historic Creation of new East Suffolk Council

1 April 2019

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Monday April 1 will see the historic creation of a brand new local authority, replacing Suffolk Coastal and Waveney District Councils.

East Suffolk Council will deliver essential services to local people and communities, from Lowestoft in the north to Felixstowe in the south, and is the natural culmination of a partnership between Suffolk Coastal and Waveney which has seen them save a combined total of over £22 million.

The creation of this new ‘super district council’ is a historic first for local government. It is the latest step in a meticulously planned journey designed to ensure that local people receive the services they deserve and expect in the face of considerable financial challenges for local government.

The primary reason for creating this new council is to meet the challenges presented by a hugely pressurised financial and service-delivery environment. Compared with the other options considered, it is the most simple to implement and has involved limited transitional costs. It will enable the new council to grasp more opportunities and deliver its priorities for East Suffolk: financial self-sufficiency, economic growth, and enabling communities.

So what will you as taxpayers see that is different? First, the number of councillors is being reduced from 90 across the two authorities to 55 and the elections to the new council will take place on May 2nd. A lot of work has gone in to ensuring that it will be ‘business as usual’ when the new council comes in to force on April 1. 

Residents will continue to pay their council tax in the same way, refuse and recycling will be collected by the same friendly and efficient teams a and a range of important services from Planning and Coastal Management to Housing and Environmental Health will continue in exactly the same way.

There will of course be some changes. A new telephone number is being introduced for the Council’s switchboard and customer contact centre: 03330 162 000. This will be a non-geographic number, meaning that callers will be charged at a local rate, no matter where they call from in East Suffolk. And of course, there will be new signs – from the largest logos on the side of our main buildings, to car parks and vehicles. 

These changes will be made gradually to keep costs down; another example of how the creation of a brand new council has been carefully planned with the taxpayer and public money in mind.

 If you have any questions please ask.

 Kind regards

New Council Programme Team

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Changes to free school Transport from Sept 2019

8 March 2019

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The opt-in process for those pupils who are eligible for Suffolk CC funded school travel for the 2019/2020 school year opens on 1 March 2019 with a deadline of 31 May 2019.

All elligible children MUST OPT IN (ie apply) to get , or continue to get free travel.   There is NO AUTOMATIC RENEWAL. So, even if you have been getting free school travel , you won’t continue to get it unless you re-apply


This is when you will be eligible for free school travel

Starting a new school in Sept 2019, AND

Over 2miles (under 8yrs old), OR over 3 miles (8yrs or over) walking distance from nearest suitable school that would have had a place available for them. Still applies whether or not an application was actually made at that school.


  • For new pupils starting at secondary/upper schools parents will be informed if their child is eligible by 30 April 2019.
  • For new pupils starting at primary/middle schools in September 2019, parents will be informed if their child is eligible for SCC funded travel by 14 May 2019.

If parents do not hear from us by the date shown above and believe their child is eligible for SCC funded school travel, they should contact the Customer Service Team on 0345 606 6173 or email them at   Information about those who are eligible to SCC funded travel will be provided to the child’s current and receiving school.


Returning pupils

The new policy is being phased in.  This means that children who receive SCC funded school travel in the 2018/2019 school year will continue to receive this whilst they continue to attend the same school, unless they turn 8 years of age and live between 2 and 3 miles from their current school, or move house at which time eligibility would be reassessed.


Post-16 Travel Policy Statement for September 2019:

The Post-16 Policy has not changed other than agreed increases to the cost of a seat until the charge equals the average cost.  For September 2019/2020 school year the charge will be £750 per annum.

The financial contribution for students with SEND for 2019/2020 school year will be £690.


Gordon Jones                                              

Cabinet member for Children’s Services, Education & Skills

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